Viefe – our no.1 choice for handles

As interior designers, as you may guess, we have an eye for details. A good design means a good layout, a good composition, but also the attention to details. We start with the layout, we then pass to the moodboards, which set the style of the project. Then, we make sure we make the right choice for all details. Furniture accessories can make a huge difference, so we like to make sure we made the right choice.

My interior designer career started with a job in custom made furniture, more then 15 years ago. I quickly found out the importance of good choice of accessories.


Designer accessories with infinite possibilities

Viefe is a 10-year-old Spanish firm that solely produces and specializes in furniture handles. With such a narrow focus, the business was able to develop fascinating shapes and distinct lines.

Their unique items are already gaining popularity among clients in over 30 countries across five continents. Viefe products are ideal for use in kitchens, baths, bedrooms, and any other sort of furniture. The firm actively collaborates with a large number of designers who are always experimenting and attempting to surprise with new ideas.

To confirm the origin of materials and the environmental effect of all phases of manufacturing, packing, and transportation, Viefe employs its own production controls.

Creations that are cosmopolitan
The designs take into account the tastes of a worldwide customer base, and this is how we make contemporary accessories that are popular all around the world.

Over 30 nations are represented
Viefe knobs and handles may be found in over 30 countries spread over five continents. From Asia to America, travelling via the majority of European nations.

Viefe delivers items all around the world from its warehouse. Ordering to delivery should take as little time as feasible. The logistics process is quick and efficient.

Globalization forms part of Viefe®’s DNA. Our business project only makes sense through the expansion that modern technologies and global communication allows us. We can be on the other side of the world in just a few hours, just as our products can be too. This offers Viefe® an unrivalled opportunity to reach out and arrive as far as it possibly can.

Marc Font Vergé, CEO

Rille Handle in Brass finish - Photo credits: Viefe
Wooden Disc Knobs. Photo credits: Viefe

Our collaboration with Viefe started a few years ago. Since then, we successfully integrated the Viefe products into  many interiors. It was the natural step that we spread the news and let others discover their products.

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