Flapp 0613 Handle Wood Finish

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The German designer Frank Person pays homage to the roofs on porches and the pleasant shelter which they offer with the Flapp wood handle. The flap shape welcomes the hand of the user and makes it easy to use. The warmth of the wood and the smoothness of its slightly rounded edges make it a classic model which appears to maintain a dialogue with pieces of furniture of all styles.

It’s an extremely practical, ergonomic handle. The wood which is currently trending in the world of interior design, gives it a feeling of extraordinary warmth and the fusion of straight lines and rounded edges make Flapp a very pleasant accessory which emits a sensation of elegance and fits naturally into any environment. The 1100 mm long format sets it apart as a unique handle on the market with unlimited decorative possibilities. It manages to enhance the exclusivity of each space when fitted to cupboards and wardrobes with large dimensions. The oak and walnut finishes relate really well to currently fashionable colours for furniture making for a really interesting contrast. We should also make a special mention for the feeling of peace and well-being that the walnut finish transmits when combined with melamine in a forest green tone.

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