Custom family home interior design with style and functionality

Inspired by the Nordic and industrial style in the interior design of the house

Our mission in furnishing this house was to create an interior design inspired by the Nordic style with a slight industrial touch to bring a fresh and modern air. We wanted to avoid excessive use of wood. We added color to create a perfect balance between elegance and vibrancy.

Keeping the idea from the exterior of the house with exposed brick, we used these surfaces inside as well, providing a visual continuity. We integrated wood and metal elements, without them dominating the design and blending perfectly with the image of the brick surfaces. This subtle contrast added depth and character to the space.

Designing a spacious and practical open-space on the ground floor

The ground floor of the house is a perfect example of arranging a practical and aesthetic open-space. We created an airy hallway, and to delimit the kitchen area and hide the refrigerator, we installed a roomy wardrobe. We also created an ingenious technical and storage space with a door hidden in a deep blue painted wall that harmoniously complements the brick. In the living room, we wanted to provide a home theater experience, so we ditched the TV in favor of a projector mounted on shelves above the sofa. The screen descends elegantly from the ceiling, thus creating an authentic cinema atmosphere.

Imposing effect when going upstairs

We wanted to take advantage of the fact that the stairs are positioned in a central area of the house and we put emphasis on that. We created an imposing effect by using long riffles and a light fixture that descends from the ceiling on the first floor. To take advantage of the remaining space, we proposed an armchair creating a relaxation corner. We covered the steps with solid oak, which contrasts nicely with the white walls and trim.

The efficiency of spaces in the interior design of the family home
Upstairs, we continued to maximize the use of space. In the master bedroom, we considered the optimal flow and the need for additional storage space. Thus, we chose to change the position of the bed and created a smart design, offering enough space for a walk-in wardrobe.

The perfect ambience in the children’s room

When we talk about family, children play a very important role. We paid a lot of attention and managed to create a very special room for children. The bed received a frame in the shape of a house, which offers a corner of privacy. The colors and solutions were chosen to provide maximum comfort in the room.

Bathroom design, an important aspect in any interior design project

There are three bathrooms in this family home, each with a different purpose than the other. The bathroom on the ground floor is also the service bathroom but also serves as a bathroom for the guest room. The outer wall of the bathroom being curved, we opted for an integration of the walk-in shower and the toilet tank in the same wall. This solution gives a spa-hotel effect. The upstairs bathrooms are dedicated to the parents, this has the entrance from the master bedroom, respectively the children, which has access from the corridor. The laundry room is also accessible from the corridor, a room perfectly optimized for the needs of a family.

The end result is a warm and welcoming atmosphere, perfect for a family home.

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