Mountain Cabin style restaurant interior design: how to achieve a warm, welcoming, and modern atmosphere at the same time.


When it comes to restaurant interior design, there are many styles that can be used to create a unique and welcoming space. One of the most popular styles is the mountain cabin style. This style is perfect for lending a warm and comfortable atmosphere to any restaurant.

Designing a restaurant in the Mountain Cabin style is the perfect choice for creating a unique, warm, and welcoming atmosphere. The style is based on the rustic aesthetic of mountain cabins. It is characterized by the use of natural materials and colors as the main elements of design.

This style is very versatile and can be used for any type of restaurant, from bistros and pizzerias to steak houses. Another advantage of the Mountain Cabin style, where many rustic elements are used, is that it requires minimal maintenance. Materials such as fir wood and oak wood tend to get a patina over time, which helps to achieve the rustic look.

Creating an interior in the Mountain Cabin style: combining rustic and modern elements

In designing an interior in the Mountain Cabin style, there are several key design elements to consider. The most important elements of this style are natural materials such as brushed fir wood, oak wood, and stone. By using metal surfaces and structures, plus some vibrant colors, modernity and style are added to the space.

Concept of a rustic-modern bar with a contemporary, elegant look in the interior design of the Mountain Cabin restaurant.

This restaurant interior design project is designed in the Mountain Cabin style with modern notes. The two-story building has a bar on the ground floor and an open kitchen. The open kitchen adds a plus of character and confidence and elevates the overall perception of the restaurant.

To add a touch of refinement, we used black color for accents and highlighted some elements with a shade of green. With this combination, we can create the experience of a warm, welcoming, and contemporary ambiance. The bar has an elegant, modern look with a stucco structure partially covered with cracked marble.

Under the black marble countertop, there are LED strips. The LED strip lighting highlights these effects. The fact that we proposed a cracked marble countertop helps achieve the rustic look while adding an elegant touch. Above the bar, we added a black-painted sheet framing with insertions of elements inspired by fir branches. In this element, lighting fixtures meant to illuminate the bar top are framed.

The fir branch-inspired element can be found in almost every proposed design element. Fir wood, as a material, is also used in brushed form for cladding. The fir branch-inspired concept leaves a mark on every proposed design element.

Restaurant interior design: improving the atmosphere through decorative elements in a Mountain Cabin style.

Opposite the bar, we have a partition with a stucco base, covered with fir wood. Above, we proposed a metal structure that incorporates the coat hanger and shelves. Glass globe lighting fixtures were used to warm up the space and improve the overall atmosphere. The space is cosy and welcoming, with a mix of modern and rustic elements that makes it unique.

Rustic and modern feel with solid oak, fir and metal structures.

The tables in the space have a solid oak top with black metal central legs. Brushed fir wood adds a rustic and contemporary look to the space. The old structure was painted white and we added pine veneers to the ceiling. We also proposed a new staircase with a black metal structure and oak treads. The fir branch-inspired pattern also returns on the staircase’s woollen parapet. The space has an empty area between the two floors, where we added a series of hanging lamps, creating a modern feeling of artistic installation.

VIP area concept in a mountain cabin style restaurant.

Upstairs we proposed black beams and brushed fir cladding, two seating areas, and a VIP area for ten people. In the six-person seating area, a window was in an awkward position, so it was covered with a fir wood structure. The floor-to-ceiling brushed pine structure, with a rounded cutout, gives the space a fairytale feel. The VIP area has a high ceiling and we proposed a ceiling lowering made of fir planks and metal structure, arranged in a chevron shape. Through the space between these planks hang light fittings.

Custom elements and colour combination in a contemporary rustic restaurant interior design.

On the first floor are two screens made of metal and painted green, with a shape inspired by fir branches. We also suggested a few mirrors and a TV. Modern art prints in black frames are present on all the walls. The VIP area has been painted pink and the rest of the building has white walls. The space also includes custom black curved metal cubbyholes. We’ve also proposed modern black wooden chairs. The dominant color of the space is brushed fir wood with black and green accents. The overall look of the space is modern rustic.

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