The story of a home interior design project


Every house has a story and this is the story of a family of four. After several years in it, they wanted a renovation. And because the family’s two children grew, the need for more space grew with them. The need to increase the space was a great opportunity for the family to redecorate their home. Seizing the opportunity, they opted for a home design that truly reflects their personality and lifestyle.

The renovation project included expanding the living space with two bedrooms and two bathrooms for the two teenagers. By increasing each child could have his personal and personalized space. The bedrooms were designed according to everyone’s needs and preferences.

A space for the family: Modern design combined with classic style on the ground floor

The ground floor is the area where the family gathers, the living area and the kitchen which also has a built-in dining area. These areas have some common accents that unite them visually, shades of blue and more modern elements. Laser-cut metal paneling or square pipe balustrade contrasts nicely with collectibles and family paintings. The design concept for the ground floor was to create a functional and open area for socializing.

Home interior design: the MostWanted Interiors solution


This design house project offers a modern and comfortable atmosphere for the whole family. We followed the project implementation closely and made sure all details are well executed.

Variety of colors and materials

In this home interior design project, we created a modern and comfortable atmosphere for this family. We used a variety of top quality finishes. Ceramic tiles from WOW, collection 60, which have an angular design and an elegant marble color. I also chose the Boho collection, which gives a 3D effect and gives the bohemian vibe. The Stripes collection, with 3D and flat patterns in black and white, brought a contemporary air to the overall design. The design was completed with unique and modern details by means of stabilized lichens from Moss Things.

Quality, the main aspect of this home interior design project

Triple layer parquet from Secular offers a sensational look throughout the home.
We added more comfort and style by choosing the sofa and armchair in different shades of pink and blue. The end result is a home that reflects the family’s personality and lifestyle and provides a functional and beautiful space that meets the family’s needs.

Home design: A Personalized and Inspired Solution for a comfortable home


The house interior design project was a true journey in discovering and defining the identity of this family. In each house, the story of the people is reflected in every detail. We can say that we had the privilege of bringing to life the wishes and dreams of the owners of this house.

The personal imprint of each family member was taken into account at every stage of the project. With an increased need for space due to children becoming teenagers, the renovation presented an opportunity to create an interior design for the home that offered both functionality and a modern and comfortable lifestyle.

And in this project, quality and attention to detail were our priorities.

This house is a continuous journey in the story and evolution of the family, and we are glad that we could contribute to its transformation into a unique and harmonious home. The story of this house continues…

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