Modern Interior Design in Altbau Berlin


Discover how we transformed a spacious four-room apartment into a home perfectly adapted to family life. By reconfiguring the space and integrating design elements, we have created a space that combines functionality with style.

The main aspect: how the family goes about their daily lives

In this design project, we focused on creating a perfect home for family life. Although the apartment had a generous floor area, the existing configuration required a major re-evaluation. The kitchen was small and divided by several doors. Another considerable problem was that there was only one bathroom in the apartment, attached to the master bedroom, with access from the kitchen.

How I proceeded with this apartment interior design project

The apartment being in a historic building, the spaces were designed for different needs and uses. Next to the kitchen was an over-sized pantry, a cooking stove and a table hidden in a corner. We reconfigured all the space and got a generous kitchen with enough space for a table. I added the pantry to the bathroom and gave up double access. In the corner where the table was originally crammed, I formed a pantry large enough for the family’s needs. This reconfiguration allows an efficient use of space, and creates a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere.

We reimagined the bathrooms and the bedroom

We paid special attention to privacy when designing the master bedroom. The master bedroom has been redesigned to include a spacious walk-in closet, and the private bathroom has a separate area for the washer and dryer. Next to the dressing room is the second bathroom, which has access from the guest room / office. I removed a small toilet that made access to the kitchen difficult. In its place, a generous wardrobe was built, perfectly integrated and extremely useful.

The long hallway has become more welcoming thanks to light tones and natural light. The chosen shades create a friendly and warm atmosphere.

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