Gabriela Postole Interior designer

I’m Gabriela Postole, interior designer

Welcome to my website!


I am an interior designer with experience in all stages of design, I have a holistic approach on projects. Services include all steps, from concept to completion, with focus on individual details. My perspective is technical, with an added artistic touch which creates a good balance.

I like to take part in interesting projects that need a fresh make over or blank canvas spaces that are just being build. I am always looking for interior design projects that inspire and challenge me.

Turning spaces into comfortable living or working areas and making a difference in how people feel in them is my personal source of enjoyment and motivation. On my website you will also find a cool selection of products from my favorite product designers, creators or other small handmade workshops that I have encountered and worked with over the years. I just couldn’t keep them for myself, as their products are worth sharing. I hope you will love them as much as I do.

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